Designed to perform

Get a new, search-optimized website designed to highlight key factors that influence SEO and drive top performance. Your website designer will work with you to customize a template from our design studio to ensure the functionalities meet the needs of your patients.

Make a stellar first impression

Customize your hero section to match your brand identity. The “hero” is the first section patients see when visiting your website, and it’s an opportunity to highlight key information about your practice and set the overall aesthetic for your website. Our designers only use high-resolution images to ensure your site looks perfectly polished.

You can also opt to provide your own images for the site, but please be mindful of user rights and image quality.


Anatomy of the hero section

Add a promo

One of the best ways to further achieve the look you want for your website is to utilize promo modules. A “promo” module is an additional section that can be added to your website to highlight new and unique information about your practice. Promo modules not only highlight promotions and deals but can range from featuring new equipment to promoting special events offered by your practice.

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